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    Wu Hen
    Black Focus
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    24 július 2020
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    Wu Hen is the sophomore album from Kamaal Williams -- an invitation to elevate to a higher state. Cinematic strings from Miguel-Atwood Ferguson and virtuoso saxophone from Quinn Mason are textural additions that make for a deeper, multi-layered experience than previous releases.

    Bringing groove back to the forefront, Wu Hen oscillates between celestial jazz, funk, rap and r&b reinforced with the rugged beat-heavy attitude of grime, jungle, house and garage – a self-styled fusion Kamaal describes as Wu Funk.

    When pressed for insight into the album’s overarching themes, Kamaal proclaims: “This is a revolution of the mind. A spiritual rebellion: To reach new heights requires separating ourselves from the material world and finding power in what’s intangible. That’s what music and art is for – whether it’s a primitive emotion or something deep, you feel it. And there’s a subliminal element that resonates throughout my work. If you’re painting, it’s what you’re feeling as you’re painting. And the person looking at that artwork or listening to that music, they can feel it too, because it’s sincere.”

    The album’s title is also the nickname Henry’s grandma gave him as a child. The Taiwanese side of his family are originally from the Wu Dynasty, and the name Wu translates as ‘Gateway to Heaven'. On Wu Hen a path is traced from his lineage all the way to his current spiritual mission, which is also reflected in the cloudlike cover art by artist Othelo Gervacio.

    However – like most people striving – and like the ancient Chinese concept of ying and yang, there’s a dualism, where seemingly opposite forces are at play, which despite a conflict can actually be complementary, with the two sides interconnected and interdependent.

    Digitális számlista

    1. 1 Street Dreams 2:12 Vásárlás

      Street Dreams

    2. 2 One More Time 3:10 Vásárlás

      One More Time

    3. 3 1989 3:22 Vásárlás


    4. 4 Toulouse 2:48 Vásárlás


    5. 5 Pigalle 6:14 Vásárlás


    6. 6 Big Rick 3:27 Vásárlás

      Big Rick

    7. 7 Save Me 5:58 Vásárlás

      Save Me

    8. 8 Mr Wu 3:37 Vásárlás

      Mr Wu

    9. 9 Hold On 3:20 Vásárlás

      Hold On

    10. 10 Early Prayer 4:57 Vásárlás

      Early Prayer

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